The one external recruitment platform to


Receive candidates from the best 100 niche recruiters worldwide,
without making recruiter management your daily task.

Trusted by great brands

Don't limit your candidate pool

Most companies work with a few preferred recruitment suppliers. But this makes you miss out on the majority of the talent pool available.

The only external recruitment solution you need

With over 100.000+ recruitment agencies worldwide, our team selects, vets, and manages the best niche recruiters in your domain.

From all over the place, to one place

We make external recruitment simple again

Only work the best

Only the best-in-class recruiters get access to HirePort. And you only work with each individual recruiter when they propose the right candidates

Standardized terms

Recruiters that deliver via HirePort work under the same set of terms: no-cure no-pay, guarantees, fixed fees, and no fine print.

Connect with your ATS

Have new candidates pouring in daily into your own ATS. We integrate effortlessly. No need for doing repetitive work on different platforms.

Streamline communication

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How it works

1. Post a job

We develop a detailed vacancy together with you so recruiters know exactly who to look for.

2. Pick the best

Recruiters will propose matching candidates within days. Pick the best ones for the job and plan interviews

3. Hire talent

Manage the interview process digitally and fast and hire your new employee!

No risk

Try out our platform for free! We guarantee you’ll be able to hire the best candidates out there. 

Not satisfied with your new hire? you get your money back! No questions asked.

No hassle

Don’t waste your precious time on finding the right recruitment partner. Let us find and manage them for you. 

Our team builds detailed vacancies with your input so recruiters know exactly what to look for in a candidate. 

Direct results

On average 8 out of 10 clients on HirePort plan their first interviews within two weeks.

Cutting your time to hire by 60% compared to tother raditional external recruitment solutions. 

Don't just take our word for it

This is what other companies have to say about HirePort:

”As a start-up and new to hiring for our own business, HirePort showed us how to best use the platform to hire a Senior Software Engineer we’re absolutly happy about”
Arthur Tolsma

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