Recruitment Skills For Great HR Managers

Want to get better at recruitment?

You might think of yourself as a pretty skilled recruiter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve. Upping your recruitment game could be the difference between hiring the candidate you want, or missing out to your competition. That’s why we’re covering the five recruitment skills you need to be successful. This is of course opinion, […]

Why HR Managers and Developers Should Be Best Friends

Maybe you need some new friends?

Are you tired of not having enough input from your developers and engineers when it comes to new hires for their team? You aren’t alone. But a problem shared is a problem halved, so it’s important to make sure you’re on the same page. Once you’ve cracked that, they’ll be first in line to help […]

Scale-up CEOs – You’re Crucial To Hiring Tech Talent

Hello, is the CEO in there?

We’re talking to you, CEO. You’re busy, we know that. But, if you want your company to grow and that busyness to be worth something, you need great tech people to help you build it. Finding them shouldn’t just be someone else’s job, you need to be a big part of who your business hires […]

5 Simple Ways To Improve Developer Recruitment for HR managers

Did you say “simple ways to hire developers”? We heard you.

In the wake of the ‘Great Resignation’, recruiting top developers is an ongoing struggle for industries, with a rapidly growing need for tech specialists. Put simply, there’s a talent shortage, where global demand outstrips supply. So we wanted to put together some simple ways to help you recruit top tech talent – five in fact! […]

How To Attract And Retain Top Tech Talent

Struggling to hire and hold tech talent? Read this.

Tech candidates are some of the most sought-after people in the world. Because of this, they have the pick of almost any job they’re qualified for, and they always have the opportunity to start a new role at the drop of a hat. So, with all that in mind, how do you appeal to candidates […]

How To Deal With Sky High Recruitment Targets

Want to make your hiring targets easier to hit?

Your business is growing, and it needs people to support that growth. You’re given a brief to hire a lot of new people, for a variety of positions, and now you’ve got targets to hit. There’s pressure to make it happen because your business can only grow if its workforce does – so how do […]

Should You Use Contingency Or Retained Recruitment?

Do you know the difference between contingency and retained?

Working with an external recruiter to find new talent is one of the best ways to bring on the staff your business needs. When working with recruiters you’ll almost always have the choice of either using a contingency or retained model. But, how does each model work, and which is best for your business? Businesses […]

How Do You Recruit (Inhouse) Recruiters?

Struggling to find recruiters? Here’s how to make it easier.

Recruiters are a critical part of the hiring process for many companies – offering scale and network connections outside of any particular business. But how do you find the recruiters that are right for you – and why is that so important? You can have the best job description in the world, but if you […]

What Is A Passive Candidate?

What Is A Passive Candidate?

Are passive candidates a part of your talent acquisition strategy? If not, they probably should be. If you aren’t up to speed on what they are and why they’re so important, we’ve got you covered. The idea of hiring passive candidates isn’t a new concept. Before online advertising and digital job boards, companies and recruiters […]