10 Ways to Expand Your Candidate Network

There’s probably never been a time where Talent has been a bigger factor in companies’ success than right now. The success of companies have always centred around the quality of the individuals in their team but now, more than ever before, accessing talented individuals is competitive – and nowhere more so than in tech. To […]

Top 5 Podcasts Recruiters Should Listen To

Whether you’re on your commute, exercising, driving or just washing your dishes, you can still be learning. There’s no denying that recruitment is a dynamic industry. With the world of work constantly evolving, new technology being developed all the time and new generations completely changing our views of work, constant learning should be an essential […]

5 Key Tips to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Speeding up your hiring process is one of the single most advantageous things you can do for your hiring. Internally, filling roles quickly has many advantages but it’ll also ensure that, even in competitive markets, you can keep candidates interested in your role. Speeding up your hiring process is so important that we decided we’ll […]

Why You Should Speed Up Your Hiring Process

You’ll Hire More Top Talent If there is one thing you can be certain of, it’s that top talent with in-demand skills have options. If one of these candidates are actively looking to make a change, they have multiple companies vying for their attention. And, let’s be honest, in the world of tech even if […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

5 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter and 3 Questions You Can Skip When Using HirePort A great product and a great vision is brought to life by having the right people in your team.We believe that finding the right people for your vision requires the right recruiters. Finding those right recruiters and even just knowing when […]

Job Descriptions Aren’t Just About Jobs

Job Descriptions Aren’t Just About Jobs: A Guide to Writing a Job Description First impressions last a lifetime. Your job description creates that first impression on many potential hires. It’s a chance to tell the company’s story. It’s a chance to convince candidates why this company is the one that they should choose above all the others. […]

Choosing Your Recruiting Strategy: In-house, Agency or Freelancer?

Every business, whether it is a starting or existing one, will have to make the same decision at some point. What are we doing with recruitment? In a perfect world the ideal candidate will just show up on your doorstep, and you will work happily ever after. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, and finding the perfect candidate for […]

5 Reasons Why Tech Candidates are Turning to Recruiters

The tech world is not quite like anything else. Being a tech candidate means you’re one of the most in-demand employees in the world – yet very few people actually know what you do. Tech candidates have a tendency to change roles more often than others, moving roughly every two years – yet they probably […]