Unlock recruiting Superpowers

Know what’s going on with every candidate, in every process, all the time. 

You are in charge of the hiring process

From introduced applicants to contract offers, track what’s going on with every candidate in one place.

A clear overview

Custimize the hiring process

Tailor the number of rounds, interview stages and tasks to match your internal hiring processes.

Set interview dates

Propose, edit and set interview dates, with corresponding times and places.

Track tasks

Keep track of which tasks should be done and are upcoming at every stage of the hiring process.

Take action

Know if you or the recruiter should take action to move the process to the next stage.

Close the deal

Consult the recruiter about making the candidate an offer they simply can't refuse.

Manage the process from your own ATS

Already set up a working process to hire people in your own ATS? Don’t worry, we integrate with your ATS too!

You can have qualified candidates flow into your applicant tracking system (ATS) without ever having to check the HirePort platform.

Success Stories

How Valcon has a continuous inflow of 15+ qualified candidates a month

Valcon uses HirePort as the recruitment channel that delivers a guaranteed inflow of senior qualified talent every month, for their data and tech teams.

How GrandVision cut their time-to-hire with 85%

Grandvisions' in-house recruitment team had been scoutig for specific technical architect roles for over one year. With HirePort their average time-to-hire for senior roles is now less than two months.

How Codean hired a senior software engineer who will help shape their future as a start-up

Codean was scouting for the right Senior Software Engineer to come onboard in their early start-up phase. With HirePort they hired a senior engineer who matches both in experiences as their company culture.

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