Blog Case Studies Unlocking global talent: how Eventix beat international and non-tech recruitment challenges with HirePort’s network

Unlocking global talent: how Eventix beat international and non-tech recruitment challenges with HirePort's network

Company: Eventix

Industry: Event Services

Employees: 50-200

Challenge: Finding the right marketeers & salespeople to expand their business rapidly and establish a strong presence in multiple countries.

Key outcome: 2 candidates interviewed ➡️  2 immediate hires

Eventix is an international ticket sales solution that offers easy access to professional tools for all organizers. They are a fast-growing scale-up with 59 employees across Western Europe.

They continuously develop their product based on their core values – flexibility and innovation. Their ticketing solution is designed for all types of events, whether small or large: festivals, events, venues and more. With Eventix you can easily create your online ticket shop, personalize, and integrate it – you stay in control. It enables event-managers to sell tickets in no time and analyze data on the go.


2 Candidates interviewed
2 Immediate hires
120 Specialized HirePort agencies in Sales & Marketing

The Challenges

🌍 Navigating international markets proved especially difficult for Eventix when trying to fill non-tech roles like marketing and sales.

🧠 Finding individuals with both the necessary skill set and a growth mindset for international business expansion was a challenge.

⏳ The recruitment process was not equipped to manage the quick scaling requirements and global outreach.


The Solutions

🎯 HirePort connected Eventix with specialized recruitment agencies focused on Marketing and Sales talent in Europe, solving their international hiring challenges.

📈 HirePort streamlined the process by vetting and onboarding seasoned international recruiters, removing the hassle of managing new recruiters in-house.

⚡ Two candidates interviewed led to two immediate hires, drastically reducing the time-to-hire and exceeding Eventix’s initial timeline expectations.