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VAN AMEYDE SYSTEMS expands their Portuguese tech team with local recruiters​

About Van Ameyde Systems

Industry: IT & Services
Employees: 50
Challenge: Finding Portuguese Tech Talent
Key outcome: Hired 2 RPA Developers within average of 27 days 

Van Ameyde Systems is a young, ambitious and professional IT service provider. Van Ameyde Systems provides services in the field of IT consultancy, application development and implementation and the management of IT infrastructure. Van Ameyde Systems is part of the Van Ameyde Group.


27 candidates introduced
25% interviewed
27 days average time to hire

The Challenges​

🤔 Van Ameyde Systems was looking for talented RPA Developers, a field in which not many candidates are trained in yet. 

🤔 Van Ameyde Systems was looking for international local talent

🤔 Needed a platform where they could connect with local sources with local candidates without any hassle 


Connect to local tech recruiters under one set of Terms and Conditions​

Optimize their overall external hiring process.

Speed up the overall hiring process.

The solution​

✅ Provide the recruiter community on HirePort with a very clear candidate profile 

✅ Give the local vacancies an extra push on the platform by connecting and informing local recruiters 

✅ Short lines of communication to ensure that the desired results were achieved