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👋 No more limits to the candidate pools of (preferred) suppliers

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👋 No more filtering and managing different recruiters

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The one recruitment-hub you need to hire tech employees via external recruiters


Only work with recruiters when they propose the right candidates.


One single platform to source and hire top tech talent via external recruiters.


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One place to hire all the tech talent you need

A recruiters job is to build and maintain a unique network of professionals, on a daily basis. Let them do the work for you.

HirePort gives you the opportunity to receive candidates from just that exact recruiter that has the perfect matching candidate for each of your specific jobs.

Save time and let us manage external recruiters for you

HirePort centralises your entire external recruitment process in one place. Know what’s going on with every candidate process, in every stage, all the time.

Our team personally screens all recruiters on the platform, so you can focus on hiring instead of managing recruiters.

Pay fair and transparent recruitment fees

HirePort wants to make make the market of recruitment simple again. That means we work with no-cure no-pay, fixed fees, one set of terms and no fine print.

Making the world a better place for both companies and recruiters by giving everyone a fair deal.

How HirePort makes hiring at any scale work

Tell us which candidates you are looking for

We develop a detailed vacancy page for recruiters

Recruiters propose candidates

Manage the interview process digitally and fast

Hire your new employee!

The principles we live by


We only work with recruiters that have a proven track record


We focus on quality by using ratings and feedback from our users


We only provide data-driven advice and reporting

The platform

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In theory it is possible to reach any candidate with the right tools. But in practice, it’s impossible.

Nine out of ten tech candidates choose to have an external recruiter help them through this big life event of choosing their next dream job.

Looking from the standpoint of the tech candidate, it’s impossible to work with more than 3 or 4 recruiters. So in order to get this tech candidate at your table, you need to be working with one of these recruiters.

That was just impossible up till now. HirePort can actually connect you to the right recruiter at the right time, so you can work to bring on board the perfect match.

We see five uses cases where HirePort is the ideal platform to use for hiring tech employees.

1. Use HirePort to make sure you have more choice in the tech employees you can hire. It results in way better matches. Because it makes a lot of difference if you can choose from 1, 3 or 5 top candidates for the role.

2. Use HirePort to centralise all your external recruitment efforts.

You can work with us and only have one vendor and strong relationship to coordinate all external recruitment partners. Any agency can apply to be onboarded on HirePort. This way you always work to 1 set of terms, and have any recruiter communicate with you through HirePort.

Even recruiters who keep harassing you with anonymous profiles; you can forward them to us. No more headaches and saying no to them. We will interview and onboard them, so if they have the perfect candidate, they can still propose him/her to you.

3. Use HirePort to deal with periodical high demand to hire tech employees

4. Use HirePort to source very hard to find tech profiles

5. Use HirePort to hire at any scale. Whether it’s one hire per quarter, or 10+ hires a month. HirePort is here to deal with any volume you require, while maintaining a high quality of the candidates that are proposed.

Unlock the full potential of the recruitment resources and combined candidate networks of all the vetted recruiters on HirePort.

We also believe in a strong personal relationship.

Your dedicated HirePort customer success manager will be diving deep into each detail of your company. From culture to the true technical challenges and projects that lie ahead for new employees.

They will bring across the entire story in a comprehensive job vacancy, so that any potential question from any recruiter on the platform is answered.

We make sure that every recruiter can bring across your story perfectly.

Our recruiter onboarding team has many years of relevant tech recruitment experience, so they are in a very good position to judge the track record, domain expertise and recruitment abilities of the recruiters they interview.

We plan an extensive intake call with every recruiter that seems a good fit to be active on HirePort. On top of that, we have a rating system that continually measures the recruiter’s performance in terms of candidate quality and process management quality they deliver.


Our customer success team handles the onboarding of each company on HirePort.

They will discuss the quality of the ‘total package’ and we have a feature in the platform that allows recruiters to give brief feedback on each segment of the vacancy. This feedback is combined and funnelled back to the companies we work with.

We go to great lengths to build very comprehensive vacancies that will answer any question from any recruiter on the platform and enable recruiters to tell the perfect employer branded story and judge whether the candidate is a perfect fit.

For companies who aren’t on HirePort yet, we have a service called the ‘Vacancy Benchmark’.

It analyses your vacancy on X data points and delivers a report which can be used to evaluate the market position of the vacancy and determine which elements should be improved to increase the chance of the right hire.

Absolutely not. Although some customers choose to work exclusively with us on certain roles, it is not a requirement.

You can see HirePort as an ideal additional channel to receive more qualified tech talent.

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