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Why HirePort?

Instant access

No more cold calling or emailing to pull jobs at top tech companies.


Filter, match and propose your candidates to dream-jobs, with just a few clicks.

Private & Secure

Work in a private environment. Be 100% in control of your data, candidates and the hiring process.

Ready to place more candidates today?

Never lose a great candidate again

Be the first to offer them their dream job.

Statistics show that when you offer 3 to 5 matching job options to your candidate, you have a 85%+ chance on a successful placement.

HirePort allows you to give candidates more and better jobs options. Because the coolest companies are connected to our platform. Be that recruiter who has multiple cool jobs on offer, always.

Get superpowers

Be the recruiter that works with all the cool tech companies.

Recruitment is a very fragemented market. That means for every company, only a few recruiters get the chance to propose candidates.

We connect you to companies that used to only work with a few preferred suppliers. By continuously brining the coolest of them to our platform, we provide you with a steady flow of new jobs.

Never miss a deal because you’re waiting for feedback

We do the chasing for you.

The best tech companies have a short but clear hiring process, with fast feedback loops and touch-points. Because they know speed is king.

HirePort guarantees a similar hiring process. Hiring managers have agreed to always give feedback within 24 hours, when it’s required from them. Our CS team sees to it that this happens and will jump in when a manager is taking too long.

How HirePort makes it work

Apply for access to the platform

Get approved and set-up your account

Match and introduce your candidates

Easily manage the hiring process digitally

Close the deal and get paid immediately. Yes immediately.

The principles we live by


We only work with actively hiring companies that commit to the time and speed we deem necessary to have a good hiring process


To guarantee quality from both recruiters and companies, we use an internal rating-system.


We only provide data-driven advice and reporting

The platform

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