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Streamline Your Recruitment with HirePort’s ATS Integration

Seamless Integration with Your Preferred ATS for a Centralized Recruitment Experience.


Effortless ATS Integration for Centralized Recruitment Management

Seamless Connectivity for a Unified Recruitment Experience

HirePort integrates seamlessly with popular ATS systems like Recruitee and Greenhouse, allowing you to centralize your recruitment efforts and manage all external recruitment suppliers in one place.

Our ATS integration is designed to help you stay organized and efficient, keeping your focus on finding the best talent for your company.

Streamline Collaboration and Communication with Your Recruitment Suppliers

Collaborating with multiple external recruiters can often lead to fragmented communication and scattered candidate data.

HirePort’s ATS integration brings everything together, providing a single point of management for all your recruitment suppliers.

This means you’ll have better oversight, improved communication, and a more streamlined recruitment process.

How the HirePort ATS Integration Works

Simple Setup for Instant Efficiency

Integrating HirePort with your ATS is as simple as entering the job ID code from your ATS for the job you want to connect.

Our team takes care of the rest, ensuring the connection is live within 24 hours.

Once connected, new candidates from different recruiters will automatically flow into your ATS, without you having to lift a finger.

Unique Benefits of HirePort’s ATS Integration

Unmatched Integration for a collaborative Recruitment Process

With HirePort’s ATS integration, you don’t even have to use the HirePort platform directly.

Candidates sourced by external recruiters through HirePort will be automatically added to your ATS, streamlining your recruitment process and helping you maintain a centralized database of all candidates.

This level of integration is unmatched in the industry, giving you a truly cohesive recruitment experience.

Expect Remarkable Results

Boost Your Recruitment Strategy with Centralized Management

By integrating HirePort with your ATS, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your recruitment process.

With streamlined communication, better organization, and a centralized candidate database, you can expect faster hiring times, better quality candidates, and ultimately, a more successful recruitment strategy.

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