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Unlock the Recruiting Power of 350+ top-rated Recruiters and niche Agencies. 

Companies today face a strange dilemma: they want to access a vast pool of talent but prefer to work with as few talent suppliers as possible.

The primary reason behind this preference is the difficulty in managing multiple suppliers. However, limiting the number of suppliers restricts the volume and variety of candidates available.

It’s time to break free from this paradox with HirePort’s unique approach to scalable sourcing.

Access a Virtually Endless Talent Pool

With HirePort, your company can tap into an extensive network of top-notch independent recruiters and small recruitment agencies, opening doors to a virtually limitless talent pool.

This expanded pool of candidates helps you stay ahead in the race for top talent and enables faster hiring.

Easy management

Managing your recruitment process with external recruiters has never been this easy using our automated recruitment systems.

Seamless Integration with Your ATS

HirePort integrates seamlessly with popular ATS systems like Recruitee and Workable, streamlining communication and management throughout the recruitment process.

This integration allows your company to maintain a centralized recruitment ecosystem and makes HirePort an indispensable part of your talent acquisition strategy.

Rigorous Talent Suppliers Selection and Monitoring

All Talent Suppliers on HirePort undergo a thorough screening process, ensuring that you only work with the best in the industry.

Moreover, their performance is continuously monitored, and they receive coaching and feedback based on their performance metrics, guaranteeing top-quality candidates for your company.

No-Cure, No-Pay Model

HirePort’s no-cure, no-pay model makes the hiring process low-risk and cost-effective. You only pay a recruitment fee when a candidate is hired, with fees being lower than market averages.

HirePort also provides a 100% restitution during the candidate’s probationary period, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind.

Advanced Analytics and Performance Tracking

HirePort offers powerful analytics tools to help you monitor and compare your Preferred Supplier Lists (PSLs). Track KPIs such as time to hire, number of interviews at each stage, and recruiter performance.

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your recruitment process with HirePort.