Spend your time on what matters.

Stop scouting, negotiating, and addressing recruiters’ questions. We manage the best independent recruiters for you, so you can focus on more important tasks.

All the recruiters you need, in one place

Gone are they days that you had to negotiate with various recruitment agencies for different roles. With Hireport, you now have access to specialised recruiters for every domain.

We scout the best

Our team does a thorough 1 hour long interview with every recruiter on HirePort, allowing only the best to have access to your jobs.

We negotiate unified terms

We go over our standard terms with recruiters so you don't have to go through long contract negotiations and reading the fine print. ​

We answer questions

Our team is the first line of support for their questions. Use our chat to answer any questions they might have yourself.

We collect feedback

Get feedback from recruiters about the pro's and con's of your vacancy, or feedback from a candidate after an interview.

We do performance reviews

Our team constantly monitors recruiter performance and give them tips/tricks to improve the hiring process with you.

We offer support

Our Recruiter and Client Success teams are ready to answer any questions you might have or help you in any way they can.

Don't limit your candidate pool

Stop missing out on the majority of the talent pool available, by working with just a few recruitment suppliers.

Bring your own preferred recruitment suppliers

Centralise all your existing and new recruitment agency suppliers together at HirePort.

Success Stories

How Valcon has a continuous inflow of 15+ qualified candidates a month

Valcon uses HirePort as the recruitment channel that delivers a guaranteed inflow of senior qualified talent every month, for their data and tech teams.

How GrandVision cut their time-to-hire with 85%

Grandvisions' in-house recruitment team had been scoutig for specific technical architect roles for over one year. With HirePort their average time-to-hire for senior roles is now less than two months.

How Codean hired a senior software engineer who will help shape their future as a start-up

Codean was scouting for the right Senior Software Engineer to come onboard in their early start-up phase. With HirePort they hired a senior engineer who matches both in experiences as their company culture.

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