Hello, is the CEO in there?

Scale-up CEOs – You’re Crucial To Hiring Tech Talent

We’re talking to you, CEO. You’re busy, we know that. But, if you want your company to grow and that busyness to be worth something, you need great tech people to help you build it. Finding them shouldn’t just be someone else’s job, you need to be a big part of who your business hires – and if you don’t care about that you’ll regret it.

Have you handed out any hiring targets recently? Sent whoever takes care of your HR a quick email saying you need a developer for x, y, or z? It’s going to take a lot more than that to bring the people into your business who are going to make it as successful as you want it to be.

TL;DR: Stay involved in hiring as you scale. Hire a great in-house recruiter and arm them with the tools that will make their job, and your business, a success.

You Get What You Stay For

If you’re running a startup or scale-up, and you’re well over capacity (like most small businesses) then you and the rest of your team are going to be screaming for help. Now, you can pay crazy salaries, and hire all the best people in the world to source your talent, but if you, as CEO, aren’t intrinsically a part of the hiring journey, you won’t get what you want or need.

As you scale, the very culture of your business is born out of your mission and the people that drive the company toward it. When you started up shop, that was probably just you and maybe a couple of other people who believed in the idea.

However, now, you’re going to bring in complete strangers to your business. They might have read the About page on your website and maybe looked at some of the clients you work for, but they don’t know you or what you believe in. And you want to trust them with driving your business forward? That seems crazy to us.

Every candidate is going to be a stranger when you’re at the stage of sifting through CVs and cover letters. But as soon as interviews start, you have the perfect opportunity to meet each and every person. You’ll know almost immediately if you not only want to work with this person but also whether you want them to be a part of building your business because who they are is going to have an impact on culture.

Lay Out A Plan

TL;DR: Stay involved in hiring as you scale. Hire a great in-house recruiter and arm them with the tools that will make their job, and your business, a success.

Because you’re stretched on time, getting to every interview is going to seem tough. But it should be viewed entirely from the perspective of investment. You spend a small amount of time now, and you save more than just time in the future.

To keep the time cost as low as possible though, you need to figure out what you’re doing. Hire a great in-house HR professional, that’s certainly a good starting point because you can lay out, in detail, what you’re looking for and when you need it. But, if you’re scaling fast, and we certainly hope you are, then that HR pro is quickly going to become swamped.

You need to arm them with tools that help them find the right people, and fast. That’s where HirePort comes in, connecting your business with a network of expert recruiters just waiting to find the tech talent that is going to drive your business forward and contribute to the culture you’ve always wanted to build.

If you’re looking for the best people, your search should start with HirePort. Get in touch now.