How VALCON uses HirePort to have a continuous inflow of 15+ qualified candidates a month

Valcon uses HirePort as a recruitment channel that delivers a guaranteed inflow of new candidates every month for their data and tech teams.

About Valcon

Company Name: Valcon
Industry: IT & Services
Employees: 1500
Challenge: Hiring at scale
Key outcome: Continuous inflow of qualified candidates

Valcon is a north-western European consulting, technology and data company based in the Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Sweden, Germany and Croatia. Their mission is to combine premium consulting with deep technology and data knowledge to add value to their clients. With their capabilities, they help clients to create value in transformations, from operational strategy to implementation, supported by a wide array of IT tools.

+25 nationalities

+40 operating countries

The Challenges

🤔 Valcon has self governing teams, so no dedicated recruitment team

🤔 Candidates have to be reviewed by different managers

🤔 Setting up a process where candidates get reviewed quickly and then communicate the outcome to the recruiters and their candidates



Hire at scale for all departments

Centralised approach for hiring via external recruiters

Fast communication between Valcon managers and external recruiters

Hire software engineer that matches with our company culture

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Don't waste time managing too many different recruiters

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Advise on how to build a vacancy that will attract the right developer

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Results last month (oct'22)

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The solution

✅ Setting up accounts for different departments at Valcon

✅ Clear workflow management by having one manager at Valcon that oversees the inflow of new candidates for all departments

✅ bi-Weekly feedback loops from managers to review candidates and communicate results back to recruiters

We're especially happy with the quality of Dutch speaking candidates that recruiters propose via HirePort in recent months '”
Hiring Manager
at Valcon

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