Supplier Spotlight: Patrick Beek

???? Background & Career Journey

Patrick’s journey into recruitment started at a major agency in the early days before LinkedIn and sourcing candidates required manual CV work and referrals. He decided to start his own company and after a while of running his own company and freelancing, his path led him to RPO recruitment. Then, three years ago, he left the Netherlands and this globetrotter now resides in Paraguay, Southeast Asia, and Spain, embracing opportunities and new horizons.

???? Expertise & Network

With his specialized expertise in sourcing candidates for businesses, Patrick knows what it takes to find the perfect match.This is no ordinary recruiter! He has built a powerful group of sourcers in Asia where he collaborates with and with entities in Hong Kong, Delaware, and Dubai, this global guru is ready to serve. The secret sauce? Focusing on what he’s best at – sourcing, interviewing, managing processes, and ensuring quality delivery.

???? Working with Clients on HirePort

Communication is key for Patrick. He enjoys the smooth collaboration with most clients on HirePort, shifting from mere recruitment to becoming a valuable sparring partner, providing insights and advice.

⭐️ Client Ratings

A big thumbs up! Patrick enjoys several five star ratings from clients like Wealthvox , Lensor & Forexx. Patrick’s commitment to quality, his dedication to his craft, and his seamless integration with HirePort tell us all we need to know. His work with various clients has been fruitful, and we are excited to see where his journey takes him.

???? Future Goals & Plans

Ambitious and forward-thinking, Patrick’s vision extends to putting a global sourcing model on the map, providing sourcing capacity to those in need.  And why not? After all, sourcing is a craft, and every CV must pass his eagle-eyed review. He’s more than just a recruiter; he’s a success manager, ensuring quality and fair payment to his resourcers.

???? Collaboration with HirePort

Patrick loves HirePort, spending most part of his day on the platform!  For him, HirePort allows focusing on sourcing and process management rather than business development. The interaction, concept, and wide range of vacancies keep him engaged, and he sees a world of potential. In his words, “The concept works great!”