About HirePort

From IT Recruiting to Reshaping Talent Supply Chains

Breaking Free from the Ordinary

Alright, we get it, reading an “About Us” page is probably not the reason you’re on our site. But bear with us for a moment, because this is a story worth telling. This isn’t just about Bram, Alex, and Remco, the trio who started it all. This is about the journey of HirePort, and how it’s changing the recruitment game for everyone involved.

The Ups and Downs of Recruiting

Back in the day, our founding trio was at the helm of a successful IT recruitment agency. Life was good – half the time, they were wheeling and dealing, bringing in clients, and the other half, they were hunting high and low for the cream of the crop in the IT world.

Bumping into the Big League Wall

But then they hit a brick wall. They’d find a handful of top candidates ready to rock the IT world and run up to the big players – the hotshots like Adyen, Mollie, and their ilk. But the big boys wanted dozens of candidates. Every month. Our boys had the quality, but not the scale.

An Industry-Wide Conundrum

And, this wasn’t just their sob story. It was the same old song and dance for smaller agencies and solo recruiters everywhere. Exceptional talent, check. Proper job avenues to channel this talent, not so much. This mismatch was about as enjoyable as swimming with a suit on, and it was stifling the real heroes of recruitment – those who have honed their craft for over a decade.

The Game-Changing Pivot

So, what did our trio do? They decided to pivot. They took the problem and flipped it on its head.

The Birth of HirePort

HirePort was born out of this struggle – a place where great recruiters and deserving companies could finally meet and do what they do best.

Imagine a marketplace that brought together the best of the best in recruitment – all those seasoned recruiters who had broken away from the big agencies to do their own thing.

HirePort made it possible for them to connect directly with companies who were looking for top talent, effectively bypassing the need for exhausting and often fruitless client acquisition.

The One-Stop Recruitment Solution

HirePort is the solution to the discrepancies in the recruitment world. It’s a platform that simplifies and streamlines the process, making it easier for both suppliers and companies to collaborate together effectively.

It does this by centralizing recruitment and external talent suppliers, offering a management portal to monitor and engage all your suppliers.

The Future of Recruitment Starts Here

The result? A simplified, centralized, and transparent system that cuts out the headaches and uncertainty of dealing with talent suppliers. Now, our trio’s vision has come true – external recruitment is reinventing itself. And we’d like to believe HirePort will be at the center of it.

Welcome to Our World

Welcome to our world. The future of recruitment starts here. We’re so glad you could join us on this journey.

Buckle up, because we’re only getting started.

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