Plug-in to the network of the best recruiters

Having qualified talent pour into your ATS systems has never been so easy. 

Hassle-free recruitment


New qualified candidates pouring in to your ATS on weekly basis, without you having to do a thing. Sound like a dream, right? At HirePort we make this dream into a reality! 


HirePort connects the best niche recruiters to your jobs

Our team selects, vets, and manages the best niche recruiters in your domain and connects them to jobs in your ATS, so you can focus on hiring instead of managing them. 

From all over the place, to one place

When it comes to recruitment, it can be hard to keep information centralised when it’s all over different platforms. This is where your applicant tracking system (ATS) comes in handy. We’ve connected to your favorites, so you don’t have to do the same work twice.

Sit back and receive new candidates on a daily basis

That’s right. With HirePort, qualified and interested candidates come to you instead of you having to go out and get them.

How it works

1. Connect your ATS

Connect your ATS to HirePort and tell our team which positions you're hiring for.

2. Pick the best

Recruiters will propose matching candidates within days. Pick the best ones for the job and plan interviews.

3. Hire talent

Manage the interview process in your ATS and hire your new employee!

ATS-systems we integrate with


They help people-first companies hire for what’s next by powering their system for hiring great talent.


Recruitee is built for bringing teams together. More than 5,000 companies use their collaborative hiring software.

Enterprise (on-demand)

Ask our team for the possibilities to connect with your Enterprise-grade ATS systems.

Custom (on-demand)

Build your own (ATS) hiring systems? HirePort is an API first platform, so we can build custom integrations on demand.

Don't just take our word for it

This is what other hiring managers have to say about HirePort:

The ATS integration with HirePort saves me a lot of time doing double work and managing different recruiters.
Dutch Scale-up

Success Stories

How Valcon has a continuous inflow of 15+ qualified candidates a month

Valcon uses HirePort as the recruitment channel that delivers a guaranteed inflow of senior qualified talent every month, for their data and tech teams.

How GrandVision cut their time-to-hire with 85%

Grandvisions' in-house recruitment team had been scoutig for specific technical architect roles for over one year. With HirePort their average time-to-hire for senior roles is now less than two months.

How Codean hired a senior software engineer who will help shape their future as a start-up

Codean was scouting for the right Senior Software Engineer to come onboard in their early start-up phase. With HirePort they hired a senior engineer who matches both in experiences as their company culture.

Connect your ATS