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Bridging the Gap: How BridgeFund hires top talent fast, while centralising their entire external recruitment operation


Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 50 – 100 employees

Challenge: Hiring in times of growth

Key outcome: Continious hiring of top talent that perfectly fit the culture of BridgeFund. 

BridgeFund is a platform for entrepreneurs that intelligently connects the supply and demand for money. Without the involvement of a bank.

Entrepreneurs on the one hand make money available to the platform in exchange for returns, and entrepreneurs on the other hand can borrow this money to invest.

In this way, we hope to make a social impact alongside entrepreneurs. By dragging the unnecessarily slow and complex financial world into the twenty-first century. We make certain that money can do what it was designed to do: move the world. Because having money to put to work makes entrepreneurs happy. Also, money.

Make money happy!


100+ candidates introduced
30% interview ratio and +58% improved interview-to-hire ratio’s
25 days average time to hire

The Challenges​

🤔 Finding tech talent that matches the energy of BridgeFund 

🤔 Connect with new talent quickly during BridgeFund’s scaling up phase.

🤔 Get in touch with the best recruiters without the hassle of recruiter management


Hire colleagues with the right growth mindset for the scale up phase​

Centralised approach for hiring via external recruiters​

Fast introduction of new interesting candidates ​

The solution​

✅ Optimised job descriptions to ensure that all the necessary information is available for the recruiters

✅ Clear deliverables and milestones for an optimal recruitment process, recruiting KPI’s and time-to-hire per job.

✅ Prioritise Company Culture: BridgeFund values energy and culture