How fluX hired 2 senior developers within 6 weeks while simplifying their recruitment process

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  • Company name: fluX
  • Industry: Data & Information
  • Employees: 12
  • Challenge: Find new senior developers ASAP and simplify the recruitment process.
  • Key outcome: Hired 2 senior frontend developers within 6 weeks and integrated HirePort with their ATS.

fluX is a market leader in web-based valuation software. Not only appraisers but also banks, consultants, housing corporations, and government institutions utilize fluX VMS.

They continuously innovate and stay relevant in the market, developing cutting-edge modules for various stakeholders, including housing corporations, investors, financial institutions, consultants, and accountants. Users experience seamless collaboration, real-time information access, and streamlined processes through their web-based technology.

The Challenges​

  • 🤔 Finding senior developers ASAP to maintain the startup’s platform and momentum.
  • 🤔 For a scale up like fluX, time is of the essence. They need quick hires without compromising quality. HirePort’s efficient process and vast network can help reduce time-to-hire.
  • 🤔 The HR-manager dealt with multiple, differing recruitment processes because of 8 different holdings within the organization.

The Solution​

  • ✅ Leveraging HirePort’s Agency Marketplace, fluX hired 2 senior developers within 6 weeks through an extensive network of vetted talent suppliers.
  • ✅ HirePort’s platform facilitates direct and quick communication between fluX and recruitment agencies. Any clarifications, interview schedules, or feedback can be managed in real-time, reducing potential delays.
  • ✅ Joined HirePort with 2 holdings to simplify the recruitment process using HirePort’s single set of terms and conditions, agreed upon by all of HirePort’s talent suppliers in advance.


16 candidates introduced

43,8% interviewed

2 hires in 6 weeks