LENSOR improved their time to hire to 1.2 months average

About Lensor

Industry: Automotive
Employees: 13
Challenge: Find and hire new tech talent to quickly scale and grow
Key outcome: Hired two Software Engineers in 1,2 months 

Lensor is an AI start-up, focusing on automating vehicle inspections. They developed a drive through gate that makes vehicle inspections effortless. After driving through the gate, a highly accurate damage report is waiting for you. The Lensor gate saves time and reduces costs. A full vehicle inspection in less than 10 seconds!


30 candidates proposed​
20% interviewed
1.2 months average time to hire

The Challenges​

🤔 Lensor required experienced new colleagues within three months who could quickly implement and install their drive through gate at their customer base.

🤔 Lensors future and the further development of the product lies with these new key hires.

🤔 Lensor is looking for an international team so that the knowledge and different experiences new colleagues bring increase productivity


Finding the right Software Engineers within 3 months​

Lensor prefers to have access to international candidates ​

Current partners could not deliver at the current requested time to hire <3 months ​

The solution​

✅ The client success team at HirePort helped Lensor get up and running quickly on the platform with a complete and appealing job posting.

✅ This resulted in the first introduced candidates within 3 days.

✅ Automated scheduling helped Lensor in particular to plan and follow-up interviews easily fast.