Supplier Spotlight: Chavez Peters

???? Background & Career Journey

Meet Chavez Peters, at the age of 30, he has already carved out an impressive path in the recruitment sector. His journey began with a natural talent for sales, which saw him stepping into the world of recruitment at a leading agency. But within six months, Chavez was not only surviving but thriving. He realized the corporate world wasn’t his calling, so after just a year, he embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure, launching his own recruitment agency. His motivation? The dual allure of financial success and reclaimed freedom. Outside the world of work, Chavez is a gym enthusiast, an avid traveler, and is currently based in the scenic city of Dubai.

???? Expertise & Network

Chavez has an undeniable edge when it comes to software recruitment, particularly within the software development domain, honing in on roles requiring expertise in JavaScript. Currently, he’s keen on becoming a bridge between the Netherlands and Dubai, leveraging his location and network. This strategic positioning is set to offer his clients unparalleled access to talent pools and opportunities on both sides.

???? Working with Clients on HirePort

For Chavez, HirePort is more than just a tool—it’s an integral part of his workflow. He applauds the platform for its intuitive interface, the ease with which candidates can be scheduled, and the overall streamlined experience it offers. The recent inclusion of Q&A sessions has further enriched the platform’s value for him. His commitment? To transform each interaction into a true partnership.

⭐️ Client Ratings

Chavez Peters has earned 5-star ratings from top clients like BridgeFund and Lensor on HirePort. It’s not just about individual success for Chavez; he collaborates seamlessly with other great recruiters on HirePort. Together, they’ve achieved successful placements, demonstrating the power of teamwork and shared expertise on the platform.

???? Future Goals & Plans

Growth is on the horizon for Chavez. He’s deeply committed to expanding his agency, always focusing on software development roles. He firmly believes in the power of personal touch, combined with efficient automation, ensuring scalability without compromising on quality. Chavez envisions an optimal team size of 8-10 members, preserving both the team’s culture and its structured approach. He’s determined to maintain a personal and ethical stance in an industry where some “cowboys” have unfortunately muddied the waters.

???? Collaboration with HirePort

Chavez’s collaboration with HirePort stems from his continuous stream of ready-to-hire candidates. He finds HirePort to be a perfect fit for his approach, regularly checking the platform about three times a week. He seamlessly aligns his external communications with the opportunities presented on HirePort, ensuring he maximizes the potential matches for every role that comes his way.