Supplier Spotlight: Robin Smets

???? Background & Career Journey

Robin’s journey into recruitment began almost by chance. Fresh from his studies, he delved into a consultancy role which introduced him to the world of sales. However, his flair didn’t go unnoticed. A recruitment agency spotted his potential and he started with a prominent agency. After 5 impactful years in agency recruitment, Robin’s entrepreneurial spirit beckoned. He embraced an opportunity to establish an agency division. It was during the unsettling Corona period that Robin and his team did some market introspection. Their research pinpointed an untapped potential: English-speaking candidates from South Africa – a region matching the Netherlands’ time zone, boasting quality developers, and serving as Africa’s tech hub. Making a bold move, Robin relocated to South Africa, trained recruiters, and began catering to the US and UK markets. Now, having returned to the Netherlands, he wears two hats: working as an interim recruiter and handling his W&S assignments, always keeping tech at the heart of his pursuits.

???? Expertise & Network

In his initial five years in recruitment, Robin specialized in the BI & Data sectors, steadily expanding his network. Today, Robin stands out not just for his recruitment skills but also for his deep understanding of tech roles. With strong networks in the Netherlands , South- Africa and Eastern Europe and significant ties to tech hubs in South Africa, Robin consistently delivers optimal global client-candidate matches.

???? Future Goals & Plans

While many dream of scaling vast corporate heights, Robin’s aspirations lean towards a more personalized approach. For him, running his own venture is less about size and more about freedom and autonomy. He focuses on working with clients who resonate with his ethos.The dual approach, juggling interim assignments with W&S tasks, ensures he retains a sense of team camaraderie while enjoying the liberty of charting his path.

???? Collaboration with HirePort

HirePort is not just another platform for Robin; it’s an extension of his work ethos. The fact that he doesn’t have to wade through the time-consuming process of acquisition speaks volumes about the platform’s efficiency. Every week, Robin methodically scans HirePort, optimizing his matches and ensuring he makes the most of the opportunities presented. This allows him to streamline his operations and offer premium services to his clients.

????️ Working with Clients on HirePort

Robin has been collaborating with HirePort for over a year and a half now. While every client brings its own unique interaction style, some, especially Lensor, truly stand out. They set the gold standard in client-recruiter interactions.Their prompt responses, clarity in communication, and ability to set precise expectations make collaborations smooth and rewarding.