Supplier Spotlight: Timothy Wong Kon Loi

???? Background & Career Journey

Meet Timothy, the founder of WKL Consultancy. He entered the recruitment field in 2004, initially working at a prominent agency firm in the Netherlands. After spending five years gaining comprehensive recruitment experience, he transitioned to a startup where he established the permanent division. However, his desire for a different approach led him to freelance and explore the world. From Dubai and London to Thailand, Timothy’s passion for travel took him on a whirlwind of adventures.
Following his global escapades, he refocused his efforts back home, founding WKL and building it from the ground up. With offices in the Netherlands, Romania, and Ukraine, he expanded his business. Recognizing the importance of maintaining quality and control, he made the decision to downsize, the Dutch office, while the Romanian branch continued to operate as the sourcing unit. Today, he has firmly established a team of seven in Romania and Ukraine, working remotely while still traveling the world.

???? Expertise & Network

WKL is far from your typical recruitment agency, boasting two decades of experience. Thanks to Timothy’s diverse background, they excel in IT, Engineering, Sales, and Finance. What sets them apart? Their focus on niche roles and exceptional candidates. And it’s not limited to the Netherlands; they’ve expanded their reach to the US, China, Japan and throughout the EU. Impressive, isn’t it?

???? Working with Clients on HirePort

Working with each client is akin to composing a new melody, and the key lies in discovering the right rhythm. Timothy has found harmony in collaborating with names like Brand New Day, 2-cnnct, and ESRI. With each partnership, he has tailored his approach to ensure a perfect match. This adaptability has resulted in numerous successful placements and long-term relationships.

⭐️ Client Ratings

Timothy and his team have consistently received recognition for their efforts, earning top ratings from 2-cnnct, ESRI, and Valcon. It’s proof that when you dance to the right tunes, the applause is inevitable.

???? Future Goals & Plans

For Timothy, the sky’s the limit, but he keeps his feet firmly on the ground. While recent years have brought waves of change, the emphasis is on quality over quantity. With a closely-knit team, he’s now placing more emphasis on roles for Dutch speakers, recognizing the value of staying close to home.

???? Collaboration with HirePort

Timothy’s alignment with HirePort? It’s a match made in heaven. The platform arrived just when he was looking to shift his focus towards new business opportunities. It’s not merely a tool but an integral part of WKL’s daily operations, ensuring every step is in sync.