The future of recruiting: Ditching old tactics in a new economy

updated on 6 September 2023


Let’s cut to the chase: recruiting top talent is a challenge in our modern day economy. Gone are the days when a simple job posting would flood your inbox with qualified resumes.

Today, the recruiting landscape is more like a labyrinth, especially in the Netherlands.

But why navigate this maze alone when you can have a roadmap?

To help you out, we created a report about the state of recruiting in the Netherlands, providing you with data, insights and steps to take.

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The Global Recruiting Crisis

First off, let’s zoom out a bit. The world is staring down the barrel of a massive tech talent shortage.

By 2030, we’re looking at a global shortage of over 85 million tech workers. Do the math, and that’s an annual revenue loss of a staggering $8.5 trillion.

CEOs are losing sleep over this, with 73% of them believing that this labor shortage will disrupt their business in the next year.

So, if you think this is someone else’s problem, think again.

The Dutch Dilemma

Now, let’s bring it home to the Netherlands.

The country has its own set of recruiting challenges.

Despite a low unemployment rate, we have a record high of 429,500 unfilled vacancies as of March 2023.

The start-up scene in Amsterdam is booming, but even they are struggling to find the right talent. So, what gives?

The Outdated Playbook

Here’s the kicker: companies are still clinging to outdated recruiting methods.

You know, the ones that take three times as long to yield any results, mainly because of inefficiency.

Most companies are reluctant to adapt to new ways to hire.

The Agency Abyss

Working with recruitment agencies? That can be a double-edged sword.

On one hand, they bring in the expertise; on the other, they can make the process even more convoluted.

We identified the top 5 challenges of working with agencies.

Fragmentation: Using multiple agencies can create a disjointed view of the talent pool. This messes up negotiations and standard procedures.

Transparency Issues: It’s hard to gauge an agency’s credibility and track record, leading to delays and poor hiring choices.

Industry Ignorance: Agencies often lack specialized knowledge, making it tough to find candidates with niche skills quickly.

Hidden Costs: Agencies often have murky pricing, making it difficult to negotiate terms and assess ROI.

Communication Gaps: Poor communication and unclear goals between agencies and organizations can derail the recruitment process.

The New Frontier

Companies need to step up and adapt to the evolving landscape. This means leveraging technology, centralizing your recruiting efforts, and yes, working efficiently with agencies.

This is why we build a agency portal solution. No PhD required.

Traditional recruiting is a jumbled mess of outdated tactics and letdowns. And without a one-stop system, you’re basically playing “Where’s Waldo?” with potential hires.

Why the Hold-Up?

Teaming up with various types of recruitment agencies can turn into a circus act. You need a clear view of what’s going on.

Evaluating candidates becomes a guessing game without transparency.

What we need is a one-click solution that lays it all out—agency credentials, candidate quality, you name it.

Make it quick, make it cost-effective, and you’ve got yourself a game-changer. No wonder companies are hesitant to tap into this goldmine of talent.


The recruiting landscape is evolving, and you either adapt or get left behind.

The challenges are real, but so are the solutions. It’s time to navigate the recruiting chaos with eyes wide open.

Next Steps

Ready to take action? Your first step is to read the full report.


    Next, evaluate your current recruiting methods and identify the gaps. And finally, don’t be afraid to seek external expertise. Just make sure you’re doing it smartly.

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