Centralized Communication on HirePort: Streamlined Recruiting Made Easy

Say Goodbye to Cluttered Inboxes and Unwanted Phone Calls

At HirePort, we understand the challenges of working with multiple recruiters and managing communications through various channels.

That’s why we’ve developed a centralized communication platform, transforming the way companies and recruiters collaborate.

No more messy email threads, unwelcome WhatsApp messages, or unnecessary phone calls.

One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

Our easy-to-use platform allows HR managers and recruiters to communicate seamlessly through a centralized messaging system. Here’s how it works:

Centralized Chat: All communication with recruiters takes place within the HirePort chat, keeping interactions organized and easy to track.

Phone Number Privacy: Recruiters only gain access to an HR manager’s phone number once a candidate has been accepted for an interview. Until then, all communication happens securely within the platform.

Flexible Communication: While we highly recommend using the platform chat for a centralized experience, it’s up to recruiters and companies to decide if they prefer alternate communication methods like phone or email.

Empowering Better Communication with Ratings and Feedback

HirePort goes beyond facilitating communication by enabling companies and recruiters to rate each other on their communication performance. This fosters a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

Filter and Chat with Recruiters about Specific Candidates

Easily filter and discuss candidates with multiple recruiters within the chat. Our robust toolbar search functionality helps you find and review relevant conversations quickly.

All updates, questions, and feedback are centrally located in the chat, ensuring you never miss any crucial information.

Redirecting Unsolicited Recruiter Calls: Recruiter Redirect Service

Tired of incessant calls from recruiters claiming to have the perfect candidate?

Our Recruiter Redirect service allows you to forward those calls to us.

Click here to learn more about this unique service and how it can save you time and headaches.