Brand New Day gives their in-house recruitment team superpowers with our Agency Marketplace

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Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 250+

Challenge: Finding and hiring unique talent

Key outcomes: A successful hire within 16 days, 45% increase in hiring efficiency using our portal to collaborate with agencies.

ATS: Recruitee


Brand New Day, a Dutch financial odd one out. They are an online bank for savings, investments and pensions. They’re young, bold and have been growing insane in their 12-year existence.

They are a neobank that challenges the big banks in the field of savings and investments. Their customers open a savings or investment account building up a buffer for later. This is possible with a tax benefit (for a supplementary pension or an annuity payment), but also without the tax benefits (i.e. ‘simply’ saving and investing). In order to do this, they create our own top-notch IT systems and applications.

The Challenges​

???? Brand New Day’s recruitment team needs to deal with periodical high demand to hire tech employees

???? The in-house recruitment team needs external recruitment power but don’t have time for the extra hassle

???? Setting up a way to centralize all the external recruitment matters

The solution​

✅ Provide detailed job description and requirements to the recruitment agencies to ensure they are able to find candidates that fit Brand New Day needs

✅ Utilize tools such as one single candidate overview and easy inbox chat message system to reduce the time required for communication and coordination

✅ HirePort works with terms and conditions that are the same for all recruiters. This means fast results without unexpected extra costs.


Keep the quality high with external recruitment power​

To stay in control of time required to manage the external recruitment process​

Keep the costs insightful and don’t run into unexpected expensive surprises ​


7 days, matching candidates introduced.

50% interviewed

16 days from introduced to hired