How Codean found a senior software engineer who will help shape their future as a start-up ​

About Codean

Industry: IT Security
Employees: 11
Challenge: Build an attractive vacancy for their first key hire
Key outcome: Hired a software engineer within 2 months

Codean build its own Review Environment, that makes security experts work 100% faster. IT automates mundane analysis tasks, so security experts can focus on finding vulnerabilities Codean’s Security Review Environment is for a security expert what an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is for software engineers.


8 candidates introduced
60% interviewed
1.5 months average time to hire

The Challenges​

🤔 Codean was struggling to find the right Senior Software Engineer to come onboard in an early start-up phase, and truly believes in their product.

🤔 This was a crucial hire for the team. Someone who takes ownership. has the experience to coach team members and embodies their company culture.


🚀 Hire software engineer that matches with our company culture​

🚀 Don’t waste time managing too many different recruiters​

🚀 Advise on how to build a vacancy that will attract the right developer​

The solution​

✅ HirePort’s client success team helped Codean develop an attractive vacancy by doing a benchmark on their offered salary package. 

✅ This resulted in a package that gave Codean a competitive edge over other start-ups, to attract a software engineers who matches both in experiences as company culture. 

✅ HirePort’s platform made the communication with different recruiters manageable and sets a president for fast hiring in the future.