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How GrandVision cut their time-to-hire for Technical Architect positions with 85% using HirePort ​

About Grandvision​

Some key figures:
– 7,260 stores in more than 40 countries
– 434,000 daily store visits
– 15.1 million Eyeglass & sunglass sold
– Revenue EUR 3.5 billion FY
– EBITA EUR 266 million

Industry: Consumer Goods
Employees: 39.000
Challenge: Find Technical Architects
Key outcome: Hire within two months

GrandVision is a global leader in optical retail and is committed to delivering superior, high quality and affordable eye care to people around the world.

With over 36.000 people, in 7,000 stores and online, GrandVision is present in more than 40 different countries. GrandVision delivers expert optical services, prescription glasses including frames and lenses, contact lenses and sunglasses.

The stores operate under well-known local retail banners such as Pearle, Vision Express, Charlie Temple, Apollo, Solaris, and many more!

As a part of GrandVision’s new and growing global Customer Experience & Digital (CX&D) team, the architects will take part in defining and driving a ‘true transformation’.


18 candidates proposed
40% interviewed
2 months average time to hire

The Challenge​

🤔 The in-house recruitment team of GrandVision had been looking for a particular technical architect for over one year. This Technical Architect is a key hire for their global digital transformation project.

🤔 Hiring for Lead and senior development positions, without taking too much time of the hiring managers.

🤔 GrandVision is in the transition of centralising their entire workforce, including recruitment. They are looking for a way to manage all external recruitment in once place.


🚀 Bring time-to-hire back to 3 months or less for Architect postions​

🚀 Minimum effort from Hiring Managers required to set-up a working recruitment solution​

🚀 Proof of concept that HirePort works to manage different recruiters​

The solution​

✅ Grandvision successfully hires via HirePort with an average time-to-hire of 2 months for architect positions.

✅ To save time the hiring managers did a one time only intake with our Client Success team to gather all relevant info to develop clear vacancies for recruiters on HirePort.

✅ Being able to manage candidates, planning interviews and have a central place for communication with different recruiters helped hiring managers safe a lot of time.

✅ Having one set of unified terms for all recruiters working on HirePort was especially welcome for the HR departement.