From 60 to 20: How De Jong Verpakking reduced agency overload with HirePort

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Industry: Packaging
Roles: HR, Supply Chain, Engineering, Finance
Employees: 2000+
Challenge: Overcoming recruitment hurdles such as a limited candidate pool and a less popular location, while reducing time spent on managing agencies
Key outcome: 67% reduction in agencies and a successful hire within 6 weeks.

De Jong Verpakking is a leader in corrugated cardboard packaging solutions, serving a diverse array of industries including food, non-food, fresh produce, and e-commerce. With the largest stock in the Netherlands, they offer everything from shipping boxes to custom packaging solutions.

Having recently transitioned from a family-owned enterprise to a division of a publicly listed Finnish company, they’re a major player in Europe, producing a staggering one billion packaging units per year. Despite market challenges, including the impact of the pandemic, they have shown remarkable resilience.

Their team of over 700 employees enjoys a dynamic work environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. Rooted in the Westland area, the company takes pride in its straightforward, no-nonsense culture, blended with a familial camaraderie.

The Challenges

???? De Jong Verpakking’s location in Westland and its traditional in-office work culture contribute to a limited candidate pool.

???? The company previously lacked a dedicated recruitment department, leading to an unwieldy list of 60-70 suppliers.

???? Managing this amount of suppliers proved inefficient and stressful, as they failed to deliver quality candidates.

The Solutions

✅ HirePort enabled De Jong Verpakking to narrow down their lengthy list of suppliers to about 20 specialized agencies.

✅ These HirePort agencies supplied 41 candidates able and willing to commute, across 9 different roles, within 6 weeks.

✅ The first successful hire in 6 weeks, exceeding De Jong Verpakking’s initial goal of 3 months.


67% Reduction in number of agencies

41 Candidates across 9 vacancies in 1 month

6 Weeks to first hire