ESRI manages communication with suppliers through HirePort's agency portal

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Company name: Esri

Industry: GIS Software

Employees: 220

Challenge: Find a Senior Project Manager IT and streamline external recruitment

Key outcome: Hire within 7 weeks

Esri Netherlands is a fast-growing IT company with over 220 employees, situated in Rotterdam and Zwolle. They are the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, widely used to tackle various societal challenges in fields like energy transition, mobility, climate, and construction projects.

Their product ArcGIS empowers customers with data visualization and analysis, enabling faster and better decision-making.

There are 350.000 organisations that work with Esri’s innovative technology, with over 1600 in the Netherlands. Every day, 35.000 professionals in the Netherlands work with location-based data analytics.

Esri is driven by a strong commitment to creating a sustainable, location data-driven world for future generations, where people and the planet are in balance, fostering a pleasant environment for everyone to thrive and prosper. This vision is at the core of their ambition.

The Challenges​

???? The Dutch team of Esri was looking for a way to manage and access external talent suppliers

???? Using AFAS to manage incoming candidates, they lacked streamlined communication with external recruiters, leading to lost oversight due to endless phone calls and emails.

???? As an attractive organization, they also wasted time fending off unwanted acquisition attempts by recruitment agencies.

???? They had been trying to fill the Senior Project Manager IT vacancy for months, a crucial role within Esri

The Solution​

???? An easy solution to manage their external recruitment in one central agency portal

???? Access to HirePort’s agency marketplace and collaborated directly with 7 vetted talent suppliers who were experts in this domain.

???? By streamlining all communication with suppliers through HirePort’s chatbox, they no longer lost oversight and time because of endless calls and emails.

???? HirePort’s Recruiter Redirect Service to bypass unwanted acquisition attempts from other recruitment agencies.

???? 100% interview success rate


7 HirePort suppliers were selected for collaboration based on their expertise in the IT Project Management Domain. ????????

100% interview success rate

<2 months to hire