SCHUBERG PHILIS uses our Agency Marketplace to hire from talent pools their in-house teams don’t have access to.​

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Company Name: Schuberg Philis

Industry: IT & Services

Employees: 400+

Turnover: 100 Million

Challenge: Finding and hiring difficult profiles  

Key outcome: Hiring hard-to-source profiles, while cutting agency fees with 32%

The mission of Schuberg Philis is to work with organizations in the world’s most crucial industries means they also have some influence on society. While keeping mission-critical operations fail-proof and secure, they seek to achieve 100% customer satisfaction as well as make choices that positively impact people and the planet.

Schuberg Philis remains a proud partner to customers, long-time and new, as they deliver mission-critical IT services that address the needs and priorities of their businesses. Yet, to deliver complex solutions for complicated challenges, and to do so with speed and securely, their ambitions continue to grow. And so, in responding to consumer demands, they themselves keep learning, improving, perfecting – and then some.

The Challenges​

❌ The recruitment team needed extra sourcing power to find and hire difficult profiles with specific IT skills and experience 

❌ The in-house recruitment team does not have the time to effectively search for these difficult profiles

❌ Schuberg already has a PSL and negotiating with more agencies for each specific role is not desirable.

The solution​

On-demand sourcing power of niche recruiters within specific tech candidate pools

✅ HirePort’s integration with Greenhouse helps Schuberg Philis to save time and resources by keeping the recruitment activities in their own ATS.

✅ Cut agency costs with one set of terms and average fee of <17% per hire.


Improve hiring efficiency​

Increase hiring success ​

Reduce recruitment costs​


83 candidates introduced

1.5 months average time to hire

-32% cut agency fees, by setting their own fixed recruitment fee