Supplier Spotlight: Carla Hrkac

Background & Career Journey ????

Meet Carla, a talented recruiter with over 40 years of experience in the IT industry, who has built her expertise through various roles, including software sales, sales management, IT project management, and recruitment. About 25 years ago, Carla embarked on her entrepreneurial journey as an interim project manager, helping numerous companies grow, expand, and prepare for sale. After five years, she decided to launch her own recruitment agency, what is now called ECHT!, which specializes in digital recruitment and headhunting.

Expertise & Network ????

Carla’s extensive experience in IT, combined with her work as an interim recruiter for various national and international organizations, has allowed her to expand her expertise into Engineering and Marketing sectors as well. ECHT! focuses on recruitment and selection (W&S) assignments for companies ranging from startups to large corporations.

Working with Clients on HirePort ????

Carla has a positive experience working with clients on HirePort. Most clients are transparent and clear and for her this is very important in a process. She believes that open and honest feedback together with a fast response during the hiring process is essential for success. On HirePort you can choose the clients you want to work with and fit you best. 

Client Ratings  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Carla’s dedication and expertise have earned her glowing reviews from clients on HirePort, including 5-star ratings from BridgeFund and Actemium.

Goals & Future Plans ????

While Carla envisions herself continuing in recruitment for the foreseeable future, she hopes to eventually sell her company to ensure her vast network and expertise don’t go to waste.


Companies on HirePort know exactly what their ideal candidate looks like. Swift feedback and good communication fuels their successful hires!


Collaboration with HirePort ????

Carla praises HirePort as a useful tool with a well-crafted software product. She values the people & clients behind the platform, emphasizing the importance of having the right clients and a strong sales side. Carla enjoys the diverse range of jobs available on HirePort and appreciates the prompt responses to her queries.