Supplier Spotlight: Emil van der Velden!

???? Background & Career Journey

Meet Emil, a tech fan with a keen interest in Python and a knack for building sustainable relationships. With an academic background in Science Business and Innovation, Emil‘s journey took a fascinating turn from sales to joining DGTL Green, an agile startup specializing in interim and permanent tech recruitment. This is where Emil found his true calling – IT recruitment, especially Senior Software Developers proficient in Java, DevOps, .NET, and other languages.

???? Expertise & Network

Digital Green, which has been successfully operating for two years, is well-known for its quick and flexible approach to talent acquisition. Emil‘s forte lies in being able to spring into action and efficiently address clients’ needs. He prides himself on understanding both the hard and soft skills required for each role, ensuring clear agreements with candidates and clients alike – a testament to Digital Green’s core values: sustainable relationships, flexibility, and involvement.

????Working with Clients on HirePort

Emil finds working with clients on HirePort a breeze. Although a few clients can be slow to provide feedback, the accessibility through email or phone means Emil can stay connected and keep things moving. He appreciates the speed and clarity of communication that most clients offer.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Client Ratings

With glowing reviews from clients like Ockto, Brainbay, and Flux, Emil stands out as a beacon of effective and efficient recruiting. As a result he already facilitated multiple successful placements! Through his journey and achievements, he showcases how HirePort facilitates successful matchmaking between recruiters, candidates, and companies.

????Future Goals & Plans

Digital Green dreams big! Currently a specialized startup, Digital Green aims to grow its team to thirty. This expansion would enable them to maintain oversight while assigning a specialist to each case, preserving their core values. They’re striving for as many successful placements as possible, and with HirePort, they’re already on the right track.

For us, it’s about fostering sustainable relationships, not just making a quick placement. We aim to be a reliable partner.

????Collaboration with HirePort

Emil is a huge fan of the HirePort platform. It has already facilitated multiple successful placements, and it continues to provide a stream of relevant roles from a diverse range of companies. The spread of job locations across the Netherlands and the varied software development roles make HirePort the ideal platform for recruiters and companies alike.