Supplier Spotlight: Guus Houdijk; one of HirePort superstars!

Background & Career Journey ????

Meet one of HirePort’s most esteemed recruiters, a seven-year veteran in the field who ventured out as an independent recruiter two years ago. With a robust background in big agencies on Zuidas, he plunged into the data, BI and software market. From 2022 his company took big leaps forward and now, together with his business partner, they lead a team of 5 sourcers and an external partner.

Expertise & Network ????

He is not just your run-of-the-mill recruiter; he is a specialist who knows his niche like the back of his hand. His success stems from the thorough understanding of what his clients are seeking, defining the roles clearly, and then diving into the market to fetch the best fit. But that doesn’t mean he’s boxed into his niche alone. His adaptability allows him to pick any job listed on HirePort and turn it into a successful placement.

Working with Clients on HirePort ????

Guus’s evolution with HirePort has been a journey of progress and discovery. Understanding his clients on a deeper level has led to smoother and more efficient processes. Reflecting on his journey, he acknowledges an improvement in all processes. Clients are returning faster, and communication methods with new clients are constantly evolving. Moreover, the feedback loop on the platform enables clients to learn and improve from recruiters’ insights.

Client Ratings  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

His rapport with clients is as outstanding as his passion for recruitment. He has seen a significant improvement in the quality of roles and faster client response times since using HirePort. His clients have certainly noticed this too, with many returning for more of his expert services. A few customers, like Macaw and BridgeFund, rated him a solid 5 stars!

Goals & Future Plans ????

By year’s end, the goal is to boost his team to ten sourcers – remote workers who thrive in the freedom and flexibility that his company offers. His vision is clear: to demonstrate that freedom is indeed a barometer for success. And while he’s all for remote work, there’s a physical office on standby in Amsterdam, just in case.

Collaboration is key. I’m an advocate for a decentralized recruitment network, linking recruiters together


Collaboration with HirePort ????

Our star recruiter is a major HirePort fan, not just for the platform’s efficiency but for its potential in uniting all his networks. The platform helps him overcome the challenge of reaching new candidates in the market, as it effectively connects recruiters to ensure they find the best candidate for their clients. His belief in a decentralized recruitment network aligns perfectly with HirePort’s vision.