Supplier Spotlight: Jordi Tan

šŸš€ Background & Career Journey

MeetĀ Jordi, a 37-year-old recruitment expert from Haarlem with a degree in Human Resources. His career in recruitment kicked off during his university days with an internship at a staffing agency, which paved the way for his first professional role as a recruitment consultant at a hospital. It was here that JordiĀ discovered his passion for data-driven recruitment, a fascination that would shape his career path.

Four and a half years ago,Ā JordiĀ embraced entrepreneurship and co-founded Talent Acquisition Network with his wife. Together, they run a dynamic company that collaborates with freelancers to deliver a broad spectrum of services to a diverse clientele. One of their latest innovations is a recruitment subscription service, designed for companies lacking in-house recruitment resources. This unique offering provides a comprehensive suite of recruitment activities, including talent acquisition, campaign management, and event organization, streamlining the recruitment process for businesses.


šŸ’¼ Expertise & Network

What started as an internship turned into a full-fledged career. Today, Talent Acquisition Network is a collaboration of specialized Talent acquisition partners and recruitment specialists. This robust network consists of 15 professionals, ready to take on various assignments within the recruitment field. Jordi‘s approach to recruitment is characterized by its personal touch, honesty, and transparency, ensuring tailored solutions for each client.Ā JordiĀ is skilled in both interim recruitment projects and headhunting, focusing mainly on finance, data, and business roles. While he often works with banks and insurance companies, his wide network allows him to serve a diverse range of clients beyond these sectors.


šŸŽÆ Future Goals & Plans

At the heart of Jordi‘s mission are his core values: personality, honesty, and transparency. These values are non-negotiable; they guide every project he undertakes. Looking ahead,Ā Jordi aims to expand the subscription-based model, focusing his efforts on developing this innovative approach.


Collaboration with HirePort

JordiĀ finds the concept of HirePort extremely beneficial. The platform’s invite-only nature ensures a quality-focused environment, making it a pleasant experience to work with. The platform is working well and very user friendly.


šŸ—£ļø Working with clients on HirePortĀ 

HirePort is a daily fixture in Jordi‘s routine, often logged in on the platform. He believes timely responses from clients are crucial for efficient operation.Ā JordiĀ logs in daily to scout for interesting vacancies, ready to leverage his expertise. His belief in the platform’s concept is unwavering, underscoring his commitment to delivering top-notch recruitment services.


I find the invite-only nature of HirePort incredibly beneficial as it's insures a quality-focused environment.

Jordi Tan

Owner at Talent Acquisition Network