Supplier Spotlight: Maurits Meyst!

???? Background & Career Journey

Meet Maurits Meyst He is working at Newworkcollective since 2,5 years. This 10-person powerhouse ensures quality over quantity. They are meticulous in selecting their clients, seeking out partnerships that can move swiftly to secure the right talent. Their no-cure, no-pay model speaks volumes about their commitment to quality and results, but they aren’t afraid to turn down assignments that don’t match their ideal client profile. His secret to success? Rapid decision-making, a belief that processes that stretch beyond 3-4 weeks risk losing the candidate.

???? Expertise & Network

Maurits’ expertise lies in a critical area: software development and data. He found a solid footing in these areas, and, supported by HirePort, are beginning to venture into others, like business consultancy.

???? Working with Clients on HirePort

Working with clients on HirePort has been positive for Maurits. They value the efficient scheduling of interviews, as most companies provide multiple options, leading to quicker decisions. The experience with each client, lays in the success of developing steady client relationships. Overall, there’s a consensus that the platform fosters an environment conducive to effective collaboration.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Client Ratings

A testament to Maurits’ dedication to quality is the positive feedback he has received from clients like Darktrace, Grandvision and more. He’s proven time and again that recruitment is more than just a numbers game. It’s about building relationships and providing quality candidates that match the client’s needs. His approach has already led to numerous successful hires, and they’re just getting started.

???? Goals & Future Plans

Growth is on the horizon for Newworkcollective. They’re not just moving to a bigger office; they’re evolving their workflow and training methodology too. They aim to foster synergy across all domains, divide work into modular tasks for efficiency, and even build proprietary software to introduce candidates more effortlessly.
Their mission is clear: translate their strategy into bulletproof processes, using a range of software and tools to support their team.


Quality-driven recruitment is the way to go, where swift decision-making secures top talent.


???? Partnership with HirePort

With HirePort, He found a platform that champions his speed and quality-focused approach. While every relationship has its challenges, the positives far outweigh the negatives. They appreciate the swift feedback on profiles, usually within 2-3 days, and the opportunity to expand into other domains. More particular,  he’s enthusiastic about the improvements HirePort has made to make the job matching process smoother for recruiters, which has resulted in a more efficient hiring process.


At HirePort, we’re thrilled to have Maurits and Newworkcollective on board and look forward to seeing them continue to reshape the recruitment landscape. Join us on this journey and discover how HirePort can support your recruitment needs.