Supplier Spotlight: Quentine Stoc!

???? Background & Career Journey

Quentine Stoc, the heart and soul of Flexxy Recruitment, began her recruitment journey in 2011 with a software development company. It was here she discovered her calling – tech recruitment. A relentless love for her craft inspired her to start freelancing in 2015, focusing on IT, startups, and scale-ups. Since 2019, she expanded her team to seven members, a diverse group that values different cultures, predominantly working remotely.

???? Expertise & Network

Flexxy Recruitment, originating from a platform model, provides recruitment and RPO services in two key verticals – tech and digital, and sustainable with a focus on energy transition. They have a knack for sourcing candidates, picking up the recruitment process, and handling in-house matters. Flexxy’s aim? To connect people and contribute to making the world a better place.

???? Working with Clients on HirePort

Working with clients on HirePort is a delightful experience for Quentine and her team. In most cases feedback from clients is quick and constructive, leading to better client relationships. This is one of the reasons HirePort has become an integral part of their everyday routine, helping them handle multiple vacancies.

⭐️ Client Ratings

The effective communication and committed work ethic of Flexxy’ team, have earned her team 5-star ratings from clients like Pera & Brand New Day. But they don’t stop there. With HirePort, she’s set to continue providing stellar services, connecting clients with top-notch talent, and shaking things up in the recruitment industry.

???? Future Goals & Plans

Quentine remains hands-on, finding it to be the most rewarding aspect of her job. Even with a growing team, she’s actively involved in shaping the future of recruitment. With Flexxy, she intends to continue making meaningful connections, finding that sweet spot between potential talent and companies ready to welcome them.


???? Collaboration with HirePort

Quentine appreciates the HirePort platform for its structured and user-friendly design. As she puts it, it’s “plug and play.” HirePort presents both companies and recruiters with expansive opportunities. She would even choose to collaborate with HirePort if she were a freelance-corp recruiter, believing it facilitates finding the right match for candidates.