Supplier Spotlight: Robert Guerain

???? Background & Career Journey

Meet Robert Guerain, a force in the recruitment industry who started his recruitment journey six years ago. Before diving into the world of recruitment, Robert was an account manager at software companies. Often approached by recruitment agencies, he realized his background gave him a unique advantage. He had hands-on experience in the industry he was recruiting for, which is rare and invaluable. Recognizing his niche expertise, he founded CERTO five years ago, specializing in commercial roles. With his software background, he’d also gained significant clientele from that domain. The team grew stronger with the addition of a partner who joined two and a half years ago, handling many operational aspects.

???? Expertise & Network

Robert’s strength doesn’t just come from his background in software but also from his ability to empathize and understand account managers, having been one himself. This offers him an unparalleled advantage when it comes to matching candidates with the right roles. With CERTO, they specialize in commercial profiles ranging from inside sales to sales directors across various sectors.

???? Working with Clients on HirePort

Robert’s experience working with clients on HirePort has been very positive. The platform’s efficiency stands out, from the chat feature that allows prompt queries to the comprehensive notification system keeping them updated at every step.  In some cases, processes could move even faster. But overall, the ability to collaborate with clients and get real-time updates ensures a smooth journey for everyone involved.

⭐️ Client Ratings

Let the stars do the talking. Robert’s been hitting it out of the park with placements at BrideFund, collaborations with Finext and Linq Group, and stellar 5-star ratings which come with it.

???? Future Goals & Plans

At CERTO, the vision is clear – steady, measured growth. They aim to have a tight-knit team of 15, ensuring internal harmony and adequate training. The emphasis is on fostering growth, binding individuals to CERTO’s mission, and ensuring sustainable growth. Robert believes that with a team of 15, there’s ample market share for everyone.

???? Collaboration with HirePort

HirePort offers a clarity that Robert and his team have come to value deeply. Initially engaging with HirePort to expand their reach, they now integrate it into their daily operations. The platform’s transparency fosters trust between the recruitment agency and the client. Pre-agreed terms eliminate any need for subsequent negotiations or disputes. Also, while CERTO actively engages in acquiring new clients, HirePort’s role offerings save them significant time, streamlining their process.