Supplier Spotlight: Serge Alfons!

???? Background & Career Journey

Meet Serge Alfons, an independent entrepreneur who’s mastered the world of IT recruitment. Serge stumbled upon recruitment while finishing his studies. He found his true calling in recruitment, and his journey stands as a testament to his tenacity and dedication. With 7 enriching years in the industry, Serge‘s journey began at a large corporation, where he evolved from a novice to a seasoned professional. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch his own company 3 years ago, with a short intermezzo in the technical sector, before returning to his first love, IT.

???? Expertise & Network

Serge has developed a keen understanding of IT recruitment, skillfully navigating various domains within the tech industry. His vast network enables him to connect with talent across different IT specializations, not limited to only software development.

???? Working with Clients on HirePort

Serge finds the interaction with clients on HirePort highly satisfying, with the communication being seamless and efficient. The platform’s messaging feature has been a boon, particularly for recruiters who prefer a non-intrusive communication mode.

Client Ratings  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

He’s had a positive experience with companies like Magniv, who rate his work at an impressive 5 stars. In just around 4 months, Serge has successfully placed 2 candidates, a testament to his expertise and the efficiency of the HirePort platform.

???? Goals & Future Plans

Serge‘s vision is clear: to establish an office with a compact team of dedicated recruiters. His goal is to carve out a significant presence in a specific market niche, ensuring his brand becomes a go-to name for companies seeking IT talent.

The interaction with clients on the platform is seamless and efficient, making the whole recruitment process highly satisfying.

???? Partnership with HirePort

Serge sings high praises of HirePort, appreciating the platform’s accessibility, comprehensive job descriptions, insights on applicants, and the detailed interview process. HirePort’s all-encompassing nature allows Serge to engage in meaningful discussions with potential candidates, bringing a level of certainty to his recruitment process. The platform’s variety of IT and non-IT vacancies also provides a refreshing mix in his daily work.


Serge Alfons stands as a shining example of the success HirePort can bring to independent recruiters. We’re proud to have him as part of our network and look forward to more fruitful collaborations.