The future of consultancy hiring: a FreshMinds & HirePort collaboration

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  • Company name: FreshMinds
  • Industry: IT-consultancy
  • Employees: 112
  • Challenge: A scalable and cost-effective way to attract top-tier, experienced professionals to sustain their rapid growth.
  • Key outcome: Tailored communication options and fee flexibility, which facilitated rapid and high-quality candidate placements.

While IT-consultancy might not always capture the imagination, FreshMinds is redefining what it means to be a player in this space. They place an unerring focus on quality, ensuring that their consultancy team is not just experienced but also highly skilled. This is made possible by their unique midlance business model that allows them to attract and retain top-tier talent.

By prioritizing quality and transparent internal communication, FreshMinds ensures that the projects they undertake are executed at the highest level of expertise. The company extends this quality assurance to their clients. This approach not only makes them an employer of choice for top talent but also a highly reliable and effective partner for any company in need of specialized IT consultancy services.

The Challenges

  • 🤔 To sustain its rapid growth, FreshMinds is in urgent need of highly skilled professionals.
  • 🤔 Recognizing the importance of speed in recruitment, FreshMinds aims to initiate immediate contact upon the introduction of a qualified candidate.
  • 🤔 Utilizing a distinctive midlance model, FreshMinds is in search of recruitment solutions that are both cost-effective and low-risk.

The Solution

  • ✅ HirePort not only serves as an additional channel for recruitment but is also on track to become FreshMinds’ centralized platform for all external hiring, as they can onboard their existing suppliers without extra costs.
  • ✅ HirePort accommodates any communication style with recruitment agencies. FreshMinds can quickly contact any of the 350+ HirePort suppliers via readily available phone numbers as soon as an ideal candidate is identified.
  • ✅ With their HirePort subscription package, FreshMinds can customize their own fee structure and enjoy the security of a 100% fee guarantee.


100% Interview-to-hire ratio

3 Weeks time-to-hire

100% Fee guarantee through HirePort subscription package