How Wealthvox successfully navigated their first recruitment process with agencies

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Company name: Wealthvox

Industry: Financial education

Employees: 8

Challenge: Navigate through their first recruitment process to find a key Sales Executive 

Key outcome: Hire within 4 weeks

Wealthvox publishes and delivers financial education materials. Their mission revolves around fostering confident employees who actively participate, thereby driving business performance and profits. Their work enables people to contribute confidently to the financial dialogue, enriching both personal and organizational growth.

In an exciting position, Wealthvox stands to leverage truly groundbreaking technology. With a twenty-year heritage, this technology is proven, impactful, and marketable. The Wealthvox team is happy, driven, and ambitious, with members spread across four countries.

The Challenges

???? Wealthvox had 20+ years of product development focus, with sales organically growing through word of mouth.

???? Looking to boost growth, they required a dedicated salesperson to set up a sales division from scratch, but had no experience in recruitment, especially external recruitment. Coaching on this process was essential.

???? Wealthvox’s critical requirement was to quickly find the right candidate while navigating the complex world of recruitment for the first time

The Solution

✅ HirePort’s Client Success team stepped in to coach Wealthvox on the intricacies of external recruitment during the entire process.

✅ To mitigate the potential risks associated with external recruitment, Wealthvox opted for the Base subscription. This provided them with a 100% guarantee on the recruitment fee for the candidate’s trial month, among other benefits.

✅ Utilizing HirePort’s marketplace, Wealthvox could quickly get in touch with international sales recruiters and find top candidates in the UK.

✅ The first candidate introduction happened within a matter of days, and the entire recruitment process was managed and completed within 4 weeks through HirePort.


16 candidates introduced

68% interviewed

4 weeks time-to-hire