Futureproofing Recruitment in the Gig Economy

updated on 21 June 2022

A lot of people end up leaving the recruitment industry after just a few years. This is a big loss because the professional networks they build are really valuable. As the gig economy takes root in the recruitment sector, HirePort offers a solution.

Many people leave big recruitment agencies and set up their own recruitment companies because they’ve learned how to build networks. They also want the flexibility of going solo and aim to avoid the immense and toxic work pressure that is often put on them when hiring at pace for large recruitment organizations.


Creating Connection

If you’ve worked for a large recruitment agency you’ll know that the hours can be long, the work tough and unfortunately, in many cases, your every step can be micromanaged. Many recruiters don’t last more than a few years in these environments. But in that short time, what they do get is a brilliant foundation in network building in a specific niche, and once they figure this out they often move on to work for smaller companies or start-up their own solo agency.

HirePort is uniquely positioned to help these smaller niche agencies and freelancers. because of the core ideal of our platform. It’s all about getting the best people to the best companies. You might be a big corporate agency running large teams of recruiters, or a one-man band looking to build a network of great people. Wherever you are on that spectrum the key factor is the quality of the candidates.

To grow that pool, hirers need to expand further into the EU and beyond. With struggles to hire in IT, companies are looking further afield for their talent and they’re more open now to the idea of truly remote workers. Let’s say you’re based in Portugal and you’ve created a brilliant local network. It’s very unlikely that businesses in the Netherlands are able to see those people even if they’re perfect for their roles.

Companies working only with recruiters in the Netherlands are fishing for talent in a small pond crowded with competitors and they find it difficult to pick up the candidates they need. One strength of HirePort is that it gives businesses that need great IT talent a single provider who is tied to a powerful network of recruiters. This extended web of contacts gives businesses greater reach, and access to more talent.

Finding the right person, wherever they are, is the key. Companies who are hiring currently struggle to access new markets, especially without links to more local recruiters. If your local talent pool has dried up, HirePort will put you in touch with great people you couldn’t find on your own.

The opportunity for companies to source the best people from all over the world is now available and it’s called HirePort.