HirePort: Our ‘Why?’

updated on 10 May 2022

After diving into the world of recruitment software just over 4 years ago, at HirePort, our aim is to revolutionize the way companies and recruiters work together to get the best candidates. You don’t have to miss out on talent.

Talent is in short supply and the employment market is tight. But where should you start? Who should you trust? And who can produce at scale? Our platform focuses on providing IT recruiters and companies looking to hire tech talent with a place where they can easily work with one another. Helping organizations of any size – our goal is to take the pain out of external recruitment.


A New Way

In our experiences as recruiters and in recruitment roles within businesses, we understand the difficulty of hiring. Having enough good candidates, particularly in IT, is a struggle both sides of the table wrestle with.

Because of a shortage of talent, there could be a temptation for some recruiters to encourage people to explore roles they’re not interested in. This has led companies to run multiple recruitment agencies at once so that they have a wider pool to draw from. That’s the worst scenario for everyone; as you miss out on the majority of the talent pool.

We wanted to do things differently and that’s why we’ve created our own platform that vets recruiters, vets candidates, and gives businesses the comfort of knowing they’ll only be introduced to people who can do the job.

There are a ton of brilliant recruiters who have good clients on their books, who struggle to get seen by growing companies. Those companies need a certain number of candidates to fulfill their hiring needs, and very often solo recruiters can’t generate that sort of traffic.

For companies, it’s a draining process managing more than a handful of recruiters and at this point, they’re spending time and money just to get the number of candidates they need.

The truth is, whether you’re recruiting or a recruiter you want a solution that gets you from A to B safely and quickly. We’re connecting all the best companies and recruiters, based on quality and not size and doing so in a way that can scale for companies of any kind.


Technical Perspective

Although joining HirePort is free for recruiters, we vet them thoroughly beforehand. We want to know that they can provide the quality and consistency the businesses we work with need and want to understand their recruitment ambitions on the platform. The vetting process is normally an hour-long interview in which we ensure they fit the bill. The recruiters who make it through this are the superstars who companies should want to work with. With Hireport, you can plug into true sourcing power – with an army of quality recruiters on tap.

When putting a vacancy outline together, our platform uses 52 separate data points. This works in everyone’s favor – it ensures companies get the most suitable applicants and gives the candidate the best chance to work with companies they’re passionate about.

Our recruiters are performance monitored and the data is made available to companies interested in using them – things like a number of successful placements this year at a certain salary bracket. That data is then aggregated – enabling companies to benchmark market data.

Our job is to understand the companies that are hiring, and to give them access to the right recruiters. Our platform helps hiring managers filter the best matches so they only connect with recruiters that propose the right candidate.

Overall, HirePort provides standardized terms and conditions, streamlines communication, and even integrates with ATS systems, so hiring gets done with a flick of a switch.

What’s Next

We’re proud of what we have built but not content to leave it at that. 2022 will see us focus on further building our software integrations to better support the companies using HirePort. In 2023 we’ve got our sights set on expanding further into Europe and expanding our already growing client base.

Beyond that, we’re working to a point where companies can hire exclusively through HirePort, getting the best recruiters with just a few clicks of a mouse. Ultimately, we see HirePort as a platform that can support recruitment in any sector and horizontal expansion will mean that in the not too distant future we’ll be able to achieve that.

HirePort is a revolutionary new approach to centralizing your external recruiting business and immediately increase your sourcing capacity.