Interactive QA

Connect and Build Trust with Recruiters During HirePort’s Live Q&A Session

Create a collaborative environment for recruiters to ask questions, leading to better matches and a streamlined hiring process.

What is HirePort’s Live Q&A Session?

Experience a new level of interaction between recruiters and hiring managers with our Live Q&A Sessions. Every week, during the first week after a job goes live, recruiters can join a 30-minute session in our digital office, Gather, to ask questions directly to hiring managers. Our client success team will use the valuable insights gathered during these sessions to further develop the job requirements, ensuring a seamless recruiting process.

The Agenda

Our Live Q&A Sessions follow a simple yet effective agenda that maximizes the value of the time spent together. Including Job Description Clarification, FAQ’s, Open Questions Round and sharing additional resources and support.

The Gather Experience

Gather.Town is an innovative web-conferencing software that goes beyond the traditional video call. With a virtual room setup, you can move around and interact with other participants just like in real life. In Gather, recruiters can work in a digital co-working environment alongside our team, fostering stronger connections and collaboration.

Why Join HirePort’s Live Q&A Sessions?

Build trust and transparency with direct communication between hiring managers and recruiters

Foster better understanding of job requirements for a more efficient recruiting process

Develop strong connections between recruiters and companies without the administrative hassles

Experience a modern, engaging, and interactive digital workspace with Gather.Town

Don’t Miss Out!

Experience the difference HirePort’s Live Q&A Sessions can make in your recruiting process. Join us today and unlock the full potential of personal connections between recruiters and companies.