Reviewing Candidates

Experience the consistency and efficiency of a standardized candidate proposal format

Tired of sifting through inconsistent candidate proposals? HirePort ensures that every candidate is presented in the same exact format, streamlining your review process and making it easy to compare and evaluate candidates. No more confusion over missing information or varying proposal styles.

Step 1: Review the Comprehensive Candidate Introduction

Say Goodbye to Incomplete Information

Our platform requires recruiters to propose candidates with all the essential details, including current employment components, resume, LinkedIn profile, and a personalized introduction.

You’ll also receive insights on why the candidate is open to a new opportunity, their interest in your company, and the recruiter’s perspective on the match.

Step 2: Accept, Decline, or Chat with the Recruiter

Make Informed Decisions with Confidence

Review the candidate’s information and decide whether to accept, decline, or request more information.

If you need additional details, simply initiate a chat with the recruiter to clarify any concerns or questions. This streamlined process ensures that you make informed decisions about every candidate.

Step 3: Manage the Hiring Process Onward

Keep Track of Your Candidate Pipeline with Ease

With HirePort, you can effortlessly manage the entire hiring process from one central platform.

Keep track of candidates, schedule interviews, and collaborate with your team to make the best hiring decisions.