5 Simple Ways To Improve Developer Recruitment for HR managers

updated on 8 February 2023

In the wake of the ‘Great Resignation’, recruiting top developers is an ongoing struggle for industries, with a rapidly growing need for tech specialists. Put simply, there’s a talent shortage, where global demand outstrips supply. So we wanted to put together some simple ways to help you recruit top tech talent – five in fact!

If you’ve ever struggled to recruit top developers, there’s a good chance you’ve already had a look at some of the pointers we’re about to dive into. But, did you really commit to them? Some of our tips really do take time. While that might not ease the short-term pain of not having the right talent to grow your business if you stick with them, there’s a very good chance you’ll come out on top in the long run.

How To Improve Your Developer Recruitment

1. Develop your employer’s brand

When it comes to a company’s image, social channels are one of the most popular ways to build a brand image. Even more important is a job description. It might be the first time a person has ever heard of you – especially if you’re in the world of B2B, so it needs to tell the story of what your business does and, more importantly, why it does it. People find it far easier to see themselves working in a business if there is a clear mission they can be a part of.

2. Use Great Tech Stacks

Developers aren’t just in it for the money, and while it is important, you also need to keep them interested and engaged in the work they’re doing. Clearly, you can’t just decide to change the technology you built out on a whim, but what you can do is keep abreast of upcoming technologies that you might be able to integrate into your business in the future. No self-respecting developer wants to work on outdated platforms, so make this a focus.

3. Plan Employee Development

What many companies miss, is the longer-term, strategic way to onboard and retain staff. Looking ahead at where your business is going, and who you will need to support that journey, is crucial. If you demonstrate to someone that you have a path laid out for them – that isn’t set in stone but does offer pay raises, more responsibilities, and new opportunities to learn – then that will play a big part in helping your job compete amongst the ones that just revolve around cash and working from home.

4. Broaden Your Network

If it feels like everyone you look at, there is a drought of talented developers you can contact, then maybe you need to look further afield. Not just for a wider network, but also giving that searching power to recruiters that really know what you’re looking for. HirePort connects you with a wide range of skilled, niche recruiters, who can find you just about anything that you’re looking for.

5. Salary

We can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Salaries for developers have massively inflated in the past few years because it’s been so difficult to recruit and retain talented people. All the other tips we’ve mentioned won’t count for much if your salary isn’t at least competitive. Keep an eye on your competitor’s job listings, as well as the wider market, to figure out what to pay. Also, never forget about your existing staff, they won’t be very happy if you pay a new starter 20% more than they’re earning just because you hired them 3 years ago.

Any on that list you haven’t given a good enough go yet? Without the right setting and techniques, recruiting developers is going to be tough for the foreseeable future.

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