A turning moment in acquisition: The HirePort redirect service

updated on 18 December 2023

It is a familiar phenomenon: the insufferable stream of phone calls from recruiters trying to sell you the perfect candidate. For many companies, including BridgeFund, this quickly became a source of frustration. But fortunately there was a breath of fresh air in acquisition: The redirect service.

At BridgeFund, they approached the traditional process of headhunters and turned it right around.

At the bottom of every vacancy it now says: “Got the right candidate? Deliver it through Hireport. That means you don’t have to call us!” A clear statement. Don’t call us, we call you.

Lotte from BridgeFund shares her experience with HirePort’s redirect service: “If a recruiter calls for acquisition, I simply refer them down the vacancy. If they want to work together then they can do that nicely through HirePort.

I do understand trying to find an entry point as a recruiter.” It’s often junior recruiters who get a few kpi’s pushed in and the mission: get it done.

With HirePort’s service, parties are welcome, but through Hireport’s route. They deliver candidates through recruiters in a structured manner.

Hundreds cups of coffee

Of course it is understandable that companies need external help to fill vacancies. But the traditional approach has not always been efficient.

Receiving hundreds of sales calls, often without results, just takes too much time and frustration.

That’s where HirePort’s redirect service comes in. Now the process is structured and efficient.

Lotte highlights the benefits: “It works for companies because they can’t hire all the agencies themselves. And it also works for recruiters because it is not feasible to do hundreds of calls and cups of coffee in a day. This way, they know where they stand.”

The Hireport redirect services has not only changed the way BridgeFund deals with recruiters. It has the potential of changing and optimizing the world of acquisition. It is a win-win situation for both companies and recruiters where structured working and effective communication are key.

How it works.

It’s super simple:

  1. Hireport clients place a simple link with their job postings.

2. Recruitment agencies that want to introduce candidates can use this link to log into the recruitment agency portal and then introduce their candidate.

3. Those candidates then arrive neatly in your ATS. No worries about terms and negotiations, because that’s taken care of automatically through Hireport.

4. Just pick and choose.

Curious about what HirePort can do for you? Aks for a demo.