Simplifying the Complex Landscape of Recruitment

updated on 2 August 2023

Let’s talk about external recruitment for a moment. You know that feeling when you’re trying to put together a thousand-piece puzzle and you can’t find that one piece you need? That’s often what it feels like in the world of recruitment agencies. There’s a web of talent suppliers and recruiters to sift through, each bringing their own unique strengths and weaknesses to the table. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.

And that’s not even the half of it. Once you find the right talent, there’s the whole matter of managing those relationships. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned HR manager pull out their hair.

Managing talent suppliers

Enter the scene, HirePort. Originally, it was all about finding and managing new talent suppliers, but now, it’s like your very own management assistant, handling your existing recruitment agencies as well.

Think about all those complicated processes and endless labyrinths you get lost in when you’re on the hunt for talent. Now, imagine having a GPS that guides you through it all. That’s what we build.

The credit system

But wait, it gets even better. HirePort has a unique credit system that’s like a game changer for recruitment. Every time a recruiter or an agency proposes a candidate, they lose a credit. But here’s the twist, if the candidate gets an interview, they earn that credit back. It’s like a fun game that encourages the submission of the best of the best candidates. More top-quality submissions mean more interviews and better hires, and who doesn’t want that?

Network of talent suppliers

What’s more, it’s all connected. HirePort integrates with a wide network of talent suppliers to ensure a deep pool of potential candidates. You get a comprehensive overview of all the candidates, why they’re suitable, and any notes the recruiter made – and it’s all in one place.

So, say goodbye to redundancy and hello to a streamlined, time-saving process.

Quality control

You might be thinking, “Okay, that sounds great, but how do they keep this system clean? What’s stopping recruitment agencies from just spamming CVs?” That’s where the HirePort credit system shines again. By attaching different point values to different job vacancies, it ensures recruiters think carefully about the candidates they propose. It’s like a quality control system that eliminates reckless submissions and fosters an environment focused on quality over quantity.

A.I. coming up

And there’s more. AI is becoming more and more involved in recruitment, helping to highlight candidate strengths and weaknesses. But HirePort understands the importance of the human touch. It’s like a perfect blend of technology and humanity.

Listening to our partners

HirePort’s development never stops as we continually look at feedback and data. Initially, we thought a strict, step-by-step approach would be best, but user feedback led to more flexibility. We love users to have a hand in shaping the platform with us together.

In short, HirePort is like a problem solver for external recruitment. It cuts through the confusion of managing talent suppliers and makes the recruitment process more efficient. It lets you focus on the end goal – finding the best talent.

Want to find out how HirePort can help you with your end goal? Contact us and find out.