Top 5 Podcasts Recruiters Should Listen To

updated on 10 November 2021

Whether you’re on your commute, exercising, driving or just washing your dishes, you can still be learning. There’s no denying that recruitment is a dynamic industry. With the world of work constantly evolving, new technology being developed all the time and new generations completely changing our views of work, constant learning should be an essential part of every recruiters life. Add into that a focus on tech recruitment and you have an even more exciting and fast, ever-changing industry. As we see the impact of “the Great Resignation” spreading over the world, we have a clear indication of just how fast things are changing. Podcasts are one of the easiest, fastest, free and usually entertaining ways to stay up to date and ensure that your recruiting strategies are always evolving and relevant. They’re easy to consume and easy to incorporate into your daily life because you can listen to them just about anywhere. These are our top 5 picks of Podcasts for recruiters:

Recruiting Future

If your focus is on learning new trends and making sure you’re ahead of all the changes in recruitment, Matt Alder’s Recruitment Future is a great place to start. He releases two episodes a week that features a new guest and, much like the names indicates, their conversations focus on the future of recruitment. Episodes are roughly around 20 – 30 minutes so it’s perfect for a quick dose of new information.

The Recruitment Rollercoaster Podcast

As much as the industry changing makes recruitment dynamic, the actual role of a recruiter also goes through constant ups and downs. At the end of the day, the main influences on our work are people – and they’re unpredictable and tend to throw wild cards at us all the time. These ups and downs are exciting and can bring a lot of joy but also a lot of challenges. Hishem Azzouz originally focused on that rollercoaster and creates something that you can relate to. Especially working as a freelancer, hearing honest and raw accounts from other recruiters is refreshing and can help you manage those better. At the end of 2020, the podcast was renamed to The Recruitment Mentors where the focus shifted to a more mentoring approach but maintained the raw and honest accounts of the daily life of recruiters.

Slate’s Working

This Podcast is a little bit different from the others on this list. It doesn’t specifically focus on recruitment but rather in-depth information on what people in specific jobs do on a daily basis. As recruiters we have to have a broad understanding of many different jobs and career paths. This Podcast is an easy way to learn more about the day to day responsibilities and experiences of people in specific roles. The types of roles vary quite a lot but with 331 episodes already released and the episode titles making it clear what they’re focusing on, it’s easy to pick out the ones you’re interested.

HBR Ideacast

As a recruiter, you’ve most likely read multiple articles from Harvard Business Review. If not, it’s another great resource on the changes hitting recruitment and the business world as a whole. HBR Ideacast is essentially the podcast version of Harvard Business Review and it features it’s industry-leading experts. It has a broad range of topics to choose from with recruitment being a popular one. They’ve released over 650 episodes that are also roughly 20 – 30 minutes long.

Recruitment On The Go

Quick, informative, practical tips and tricks and released daily. With most of these episodes being under 15 minutes long, it’s a great resource that you can add into your daily routine. It provides easy to implement tips and tools and, of course, updates on the latest trends in recruitment. Understandably, 15 minutes can sometimes not be enough to dive deep into a topic but it’s the perfect resource to access new information and give you ideas of what is good to learn more about on your own.

The 5 Podcasts above allow a great mix of information ranging from industry leaders to everyday people’s real life experiences. In the fast-paced tech industry and with being in the midst of the Great Resignation, many recruiters are feeling the increased work load coming their way. Easy, fast and free learnings are the ideal resources and Podcasts are the forerunners in allowing access to just that.