Why 1 Recruiter Can Do More Than 100

updated on 7 June 2022

Rather than suffering from the hassle of managing lots of different recruitment agencies, wouldn’t it be easier to just work with the right one when you need them? With Hireport you can.

We’ll take a guess and say that much of the challenge for your IT recruitment is keeping in touch with all the recruiters working to find you the talent you need. You’ll be pleased to know that there’s a simple fix – Hireport.


One Recruiter To Rule Them All

Usually when we’re speaking with potential customers, we see that they have a set way of working and have been making that work for a few years. The member of their team heading up HR is often from a recruitment background and they’ve had good results in the past. Seems ok right? Well until a few years ago yes. Now though, with less and less IT talent on tap, that approach is starting to falter.

They’re spending all their time managing all the agencies they feel they need to get the IT talent they want. That shortage of talent stems partly from so many companies trying to draw from too few sources. The local pool of talent will only stretch so far – once it’s dried up, that’s it.

So now, the HR leader is stuck – feeling completely in the dark on how to look further afield. They’re asking “where do I start?” They’re worried because they’ve heard horror stories of cowboy recruiters pushing through poor candidates and because they don’t have experience with talent markets outside of their local area.

But there is a solution. Rather than keeping tabs on a horde of agencies, Hireport helps connect companies with lots of recruiters and quickly find the one agency that will actually be able to help.


The Value of Specificity

There are some brilliant one-man-band recruiters – as well as small agencies – out there who draw niche talent ready to fulfill the specific challenges of your roles. But if you can’t see them you aren’t going to be able to use them. If you don’t know where to look you might settle for a bigger, but more generic recruiter, and then you’ll miss out on the specificity you need.

At Hireport you have the networks of over 100 recruiters at your fingertips. Each and every one of them is pre-vetted so you don’t have to spend your time taking care of that but can still rest easy knowing they won’t be using any shifty tactics. While you have access to all the recruiters you could ever need, you only need to use one – the right one.

Better still, all this access and choice it’s also a piece of cake to monitor performance. If you’re struggling to manage all of your current recruiters then there’s a good chance you don’t have the time to track how well they’re actually doing. Hireport gives you a complete breakdown of successful candidate hires along with a wealth of information showing salaries and specialities.

The expert with the right candidates is out there, you just can’t see them. You’re looking through a keyhole. Use Hireport and open the door.